Modern Styles Of Best Friends Charms

  • Claddagh Claddagh Ring Jewelry There are times when we wish to convey to our best friend how we feel about them and there is no better way of showing them how much we care than giving them a best friend charm. There are a number of different styles of best friend charms, one of which is the Claddagh. Situated just outside Galway City in Ireland, Claddagh is known as an ancient village. When Richard Joyce settled in the village on being released from captivity in the West Indies, he decided to put to good use the jewelry making techniques he had learnt from from a Moorish goldsmith. He produced the Claddagh, with it's design of one hand clasping another, to celebrate his return home and to celebrate the love he had for his country. Today, this well known Celtic design has become a symbol of true love and friendship and has become a popular best friend charm.

  • Turquoise Turquoise Charm Jewelry The Turquoise is a traditional stone that means friendship. This special gem is often used as a friendship charm and can be either suspended from a neck chain or linked to a bracelet. It's the perfect best friend charm.

  • The Pineapple As unusual as it may seem, the pineapple is a fruit that represents friendship and hospitality. This symbol can be found crafted in silver of gold and suspended from a neck chain or as a charm on a charm bracelet.

  • The Rhodonite Ball A symbol that can be used for men or women, the rhodonite ball has become increasingly popular as a best friend charm. It's simplicity and minimalistic design fits in with today's trends representing 'strength and stability'.  The Trendy Gift that says 'Best Friend' Today, the best friend charm or friendship jewelry has become increasingly popular.

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