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Bracelet and pendant charms for friends to give each other to mark special occasions in their lives. A Best friends Charm is the idea gift to give to that special someone in your life, many are in the form of a broken heart where you both get 1/2 of the charm once broken. The best friends charms are made of silver gold and other high grade metals. Charm jewellery is an perfect gift and is available at discount online thru thousands of online jewellery stores. Friendship Charms. Many well known jewelry stores are offering their customers endless designs to choose from. We are spoilt for choice, so here's the heads up on what's on offer ~ >

Best Friends Charms ~ The Gift You'd Like for Yourself

Since time began, close friends have been giving each other tokens to seal their friendship. Centuries ago, handmade friendship charms were made from the simplest of materials such as thread, string or embroidery cottons. The first friendship charms were known to have been woven by Native Americans originating from central America. Crafted with different patterns the amount of threads that were used depended on the intricacy of each pattern. The simplest of patterns required just two strings with more complex designs requiring up to 40 threads. Patterns often resembled animals or flowers depending on the interests of the wearers.

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A Friend is a Gift You Give to Yourself' Robert Louis Stevenson

It has been said that we're fortunate if we can count the number of close friends we have on one hand. Out of those possibly five friends that we connect closely with, there will always be one friend with whom the connection is very strong. We usually say that this person is our best friend.

For males and females, the attributes that we look for in a best friend are probably not that different. We will feel totally relaxed in this persons company, will not mind admitting mistakes or transgressions and laugh at the same things. Guys will want a buddy that they can meet at the bar, watch football games with and join in on men only weekends and buck's nights. Girls look for someone they can laugh or cry with and to go on shopping trips with. And most importantly, be happy to sit with the phone welded to her ear for hours gossiping. Children have no problem at all deciding who their best friend is going to be. Look in any playground and you will see numerous duo's of small children walking around holding hands. At this age, the best friends status may not last very long and within hours they may have found someone else they want to be best friends with, but they are learning how to connect with people. And most best friends want to buy each other gifts.

Each group will expect a gift that represents who they are. For they guys it could be a piece of jewelry, music, or even a beer. For the girls it's usually flowers, jewelry or chocolates. But whoever is part of this very special relationship, there is a best friend charm that is perfect.

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